Intellectual Capital

Our Terms of Use and Legal Disclaimer

© Copyright note on Intellectual Capital: All rights reserved.

Value Team respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask other to do the same.

All Value Team ApS developments e.g. frameworks, methods and approaches with associated tools and templates, such as maps, matrices and models is Intellectual Capital (IC) of Value Team ApS and limitations apply to the reuse of this IC. The Intellectual Capital consists of information, knowledge, objects, artifacts, experience, insight and/or ideas, that are structured to enable reuse to deliver value creation and realization.

Value Team ApS provides open access to the different deliverables for all who have been at any Value Team ApS delivered courses, to encourage sharing, learning and reuse of information, increase knowledge, and ultimately improvement of one's engagement. With this increased access comes greater personal responsibility for all of us.

The intellectual capital is valuable proprietary information, yet often it is not recognized as such and given away or made available for others that should not use this IC in a project, program and/or development without prior training and coaching.

Those companies who want access are and should be paying for the deliverables, even though individual persons get selected material through courses (e.g. SAP LEAD Program course, LEAD or LEAD courses or LEAD/LEAD engagement courses), events (e.g. SAPphire, SAPteched, ProcessWorld, Oracle world, Workshops etc), the web (e.g. web sessions, ASAP,, and or and or project engagement activities.

Company access and use of the material has to be paid. As a result the following usage of the IC apply:

  • Can be used free of charge for lecturing and research at any University/Business School
  • Can be used for knowledge sharing and or privately free of charge (in a none commercial way) by individual persons who have been on our web sessions, courses or workshops
  • Cannot be used as part of your engagement efforts or generally distributed to colleagues, clients and or an undefined audience without explicit coordination and written permission from Value Team ApS
  • Cannot be systematically "given away" – do not download all our content and simply hand it over to other colleagues or clients
  • Cannot be shared or used as part of your engagement efforts by companies that have not paid– even if they are working with Value Team ApS
  • Cannot be altered or changed (the using company) in any way without explicit written permission from Value Team ApS.

Value Team ApS may, in appropriate circumstances of infringement of the intellectual property rights pursue legal action. For questions, please get in touch with us contact us.