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What makes us unique? 

We empower organizations and enable them to innovate, transform and deliver value with our unique step-by-step frameworks, methods and approaches throughout all layers of an organization.

To do that, we specialize in developing leading edge frameworks, methods and approaches in Enterprise Modelling and Enterprise Architecture by working with leading business schools, universities, institutes; businesses and thought leaders and conduct applied research and explore new ideas for the future and how to apply it. Establishing the Global University Alliance in 2004 and making our frameworks, methods and approaches available for practitioners at the LEADing Practice.

Recognized for our thought leadership, our developments have been incorporated into software and solutions of IBM, SAP, Software AG, TOGAF, IGrafx, IBM, Open Roundtable and universities curriculum around the world.

Our frameworks, methods and approaches have become standard practice to positively impact the bottom line of your business. We always customized and tailored them to our client's current situation and align with their industries.

Our uniqueness derives from combining Enterprise Modelling and Enterprise Architecture to link strategy, business models, reporting, process and services with information architecture, data architecture, platform architecture and infrastructure architecture. 90% of our time is focused on analyzing and identifying gaps, challenges, problems, issues and to rethink, innovate existing thinking, concepts and ideas.

To date, we have developed 12 frameworks, 6 methods and 4 approaches, which are fully integrated and interconnect all business, application and technology layers within an organization with supporting templates in terms of maps, matrices and models.

The 12 Frameworks developed consist of:

    1. Competency/Business Model Reference Framework
    2. Process Reference Framework
    3. Value Reference Framework
    4. Service Reference Framework
    5. Application Reference Framework
    6. Data Reference Framework
    7. Platform Reference Framework
    8. Infrastructure Reference Framework
    9. Cloud Reference Framework
    10. Information Reference Framework
    11. Sustainability Reference Framework
    12. Social Commerce Reference Framework 

The 6 Methods developed consist of:

    1. Lifecycle Method
    2. Layered Architecture Method
    3. Decomposition & Composition Method
    4. Maturity Reference Method
    5. Requirement Reference Method
    6. Business Innovation & Transformation Enablement Method

The 3 Approaches developed consist of:

    1. Blueprinting Approach
    2. Build Approach
    3. Run & Continuous Improvement Approach 

We believe that the key for innovation and transformation is already embedded in ones organization and specialized in the training, coach and consult organization to apply our developments. Our approach is through training, coaching and project support to build your organization's competencies with a unique step-by-step framework, method and approach throughout all layers of an organization.