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Training & Coaching

The key for innovation and transformation already exist in your organization. We train, coach and certify individuals and teams across subjects of value, process, service, innovation & transformation and put everything into context of enterprise architecture.

We always tailor our coaching and frameworks, methods and approaches to ensure that it will enable your organization to structure, align and construct your business strategies with information technologies.

YOUR KEY TO SUCCEED: Applied competencies

Our experience, from training and coaching thousands of people in over 45 countries, has taught us that: it is only through coaching that competencies are gained and applied”.

Infuse a new way of thinking, working and modelling

We deliver results to the bottom-line by infusing a new way of thinking, working and modelling.

We know that many organizations have a small number of peak performers in specialist areas such as business modelling, service renewal, process transformation, information management and architecture carrying the main responsibility for innovation, transformation and/or implementation for the entire team or company. Peak performers in these areas can be made and modelled to fit specific needs and their skills, attitudes, and habits mentored.

Many people realize that certain things they should do in a better way, but too often they don’t know how to - or do not get it done at all. We all work against different barriers of understanding the right way of thinking, working and modeling that somehow keep us from doing what is best. Our training and coaching programs help people better understand and exploit their potential. It turns them into action mode.

Tailored to your needs

Value Team offers open courses as well as wholly customized courses (e.g. transformation, project, result-oriented) to every individual organization.

Whether you are looking for business model innovation, service renewal, process transformation or information architecture training or coaching, our programs can help you better understand and exploit your potential. They turn you into action mode and help you break through self-imposed limitations that are holding you back from realizing the power, balance, growth and success that you strive for.

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